Why Do Audiences Consider Power Book II: Ghost To Be The Weakest Series Among The Two



Power Book II: Ghost is the second crime drama television series set in the Power universe on Starz, and it is often regarded as the least favoured among the four chapters in the franchise.  

 The spinoff premiered on September 6, 2020, a few months after the Power series finale, and serves as a direct sequel to the original show.   Every series in the Power universe is highly regarded, including the second spinoff.   Power Book II: Ghost is often regarded as the least strong among them. 


At the time of writing, Power Book II: Ghost has aired three seasons and a total of 30 episodes. And there’s good news for fans, as Starz has renewed the show for a fourth season.  

 The series centres on Tariq St. Patrick, portrayed by Michael Rainey Jr., and his life after the events of Power season 6.  Additional characters in the show are portrayed by Shane Johnson, Gianni Paolo, Lovell Adams-Gray, Paige Hurd, Woody McClain, Method Man, LaToya Tonodeo, and Mary J. Blige.   However, there is one notable absence in the show. 


The Title Of Power Book II Can Be Misleading (Ghost Isn’t In It) 

A potential factor contributing to Power Book II: Ghost being considered the weakest among the four Power television shows is its title.   The presence of Ghost in the Starz series suggests that James “Ghost” St. Patrick is a prominent character. 

However, it is worth noting that Omari Hardwick, who portrayed Ghost in Power, does not make an appearance. This is understandable considering the outcome of his character in the first television show. 

  It seems that the titles of the other chapters in the franchise are logical, but the title of the second series can be quite misleading.   It primarily focuses on Ghost’s son, although it might be expected to centre around Ghost himself. 

If viewers go into Power Book II: Ghost expecting to see the beloved character from the original show, they may be disappointed.   Regrettably, the main character, Tariq St. Patrick, lacks the same level of captivation as his father did in Ghost.   As a result, the sequel is considered to be the weakest series in the Power universe. 

What makes Power’s Ghost so appealing to audiences?   Thank you very much. 

Ghost was a beloved character due to being the initial protagonist in the highly praised and widely adored Power universe.   He was quite endearing, with his unwavering commitment to his loved ones and his charming personality. 

  In addition, Ghost truly exemplified the essence of the television series – strength.   Despite his questionable character traits of deception, greed, and ambition, Ghost garnered a strong fanbase, making Power Book II: Ghost somewhat underwhelming in comparison to the other shows. 



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