Travel Out Of Nigeria Without Money: Practical Ways To Raise Money & Fund Japa!

How To Travel Out Of Nigeria Without Money

Ever wished for a way to travel out of Nigeria without money to process available travel packages which are usually expensive?


With the way Nigeria is going, no one needs to be told about the importance of having a solid plan B if they truly want a better life for themselves or loved ones in this world.

A lot of Nigerians have been trooping out in large numbers to study, work or do both in all possible countries in the world that has more promising future.

While it is easy to decide to travel abroad aka Japa, the amount of money it require most times makes it a no go  area for many who truly want to leave this father land for a greener pasture abroad.


How Travel Out Of Nigeria Without Money

Many result into different things to raise money to be able to achieve Japa, some work and save for years, some sell properties, some beg friends and families for support and some even resort to loans and many other things just to move.

If you really want to travel out of Nigeria and money is the only thing giving you sleepless night, sadness.


Worry no more ,in this blog post I will be talking about practical, proven and effective ways you can use to raise money  and travel out of Nigeria without money.

The interesting part is you will be able to do it  without resorting to traditional methods like saving, begging, or taking out loans and others.

So get ready as this might hit   you unexpected but it really worth your time to know about alternative route to achieve Japa faster and better.


Here Are My Practical & Proven Ways To Fund Your Japa & Travel Out Of Nigeria Without Money In 2024


  1. Remote Freelancing: Turn Your Skills Into Currency

Today’s digital economy offers unique opportunities for skills-based freelancers looking for financial independence through platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer – platforms which facilitate global opportunities.

Be it writers, designers, programmers or creative thinkers alike – freelancing allows for you to earn while maintaining control of your schedule and earning extra income.

With remote freelancing jobs you can quickly raise money to travel out of Nigeria without touching other funds you have by simply using what you made from these freelance gigs as funding your travel package will do the trick without needing additional sources for funds to cover any part of the process.

  1. Online Selling: Efficient Way to Unclutter and Fill the Coffers

Another simple and quick way to generate funds to travel without money is selling off many unused items you own; but this strategy only works well if you own multiple properties.

Decluttering can be an exceptionally lucrative enterprise. Selling unwanted items through local online marketplaces or engaging in dropshipping as an accessible business solution not only generates funds but also lightens your load for the journey ahead.

  1. Online Tutoring: Sharing Knowledge, Earning Rewards

If you excel in any particular subject or skill, online tutoring services could be an ideal way to complement both your income and establish meaningful exchange of knowledge between tutors and learners.

Platforms like Chegg Tutors or Superprof offer such platforms which connect tutors to eager students seeking tutors – which not only provides extra income opportunities but also fosters meaningful interactions and connections among tutors and their charges.

  1. Balance Earnings and Exploration in Part-Time Remote Work: Working Remotely Part Time Work is the Answer.

Explore part-time remote job options as a means of financing your overseas adventures. Many companies provide positions in different fields that allow for income without restricting the freedom to explore your new surroundings.

  1. Catering or Food Sales Abroad: Experience Success Abroad

If cooking is something you enjoy doing, why not turn your passion into a small business venture?

By hosting bake sales or offering catering services to local events or selling homemade food online you could expand not only your finances but also meet people in the community!

Engaging with others through food you may even make new contacts who could join forces against future crime!

  1. Budget Planning Is Essential To Financial Success

Before embarking on your Japa journey, create an extensive budget detailing both expenses and income sources.

Not only will this allow you to track financial progress more closely but it will ensure funds are used wisely.

  1. Leverage Social Media for Success: Your Gateway to Opportunities

Utilize social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to showcase your skillset or products to an enlarged audience – reaching more potential clients or employers along the way!

  1. Colaborate and Network to Expand Opportunities: Opening Doors of Opportunity

Collaboration can expand your reach. Networking not only opens doors to new opportunities but can lead to partnerships that enhance earnings potential.

  1. Crowdfunding: Harness the Power of Community Support

Consider creating a crowdfunding campaign to obtain support from your family, friends and even strangers who believe in your journey.

Platforms such as GoFundMe or Kickstarter allow users to easily share their story while fulfilling financial goals.

  1. Accept The Flexibility Of Earnings In the Gig Economy

Explore gig economy platforms offering short-term and flexible jobs such as freelance writing or graphic design assignments; local gigs are another possibility!


Conclusion: Practical Ways To Fund A Travel Out Of Nigeria Without Saving For Years Or Borrowing Money or Begging Anyone

Raising money for your Japa adventure is more than a financial transaction; it’s an adventure of its own!

Utilizing your skills, capitalizing on online opportunities, and taking on creative endeavors you can achieve financial freedom for an overseas adventure or travel out of Nigeria without spending your savings.

So get going – explore these practical methods I have shared to raise funds and travel out of Nigeria without money, and start your adventure to your desired destination! Remember where there’s will there’s always a way!

Can You Raise Funds To Leave Nigeria Without Money?

Yes, many individuals have successfully raised funds to travel out of Nigeria by following this guide and taking effective actions.

But you must be willing and dedicated in your effort, regardless of any obstacles which stand in the way; prepared to do whatever necessary in order to attain what they seek and move out of Nigeria without money in hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to 25 questions Nigerians might have find interesting if you are looking for ways to travel out of Nigeria without money.

Q: How can I start saving for my trip when my funds are limited?

A: First step should be creating a realistic budget and making cuts where necessary while setting aside part of your income specifically for travel savings.

Q: I need help saving up money for my trip; are there any part-time or side gig jobs I could undertake to save some extra funds? A: Absolutely – there are various side hustles you could pursue as part-time jobs to earn extra income while saving for it!

A: Absolutely, consider looking into opportunities such as freelance work, online gigs or local part-time jobs to increase your income and supplement your travel fund.

Q: Am I eligible to travel overseas without needing a large savings account? A: Absolutely – and without spending too much.

A: Yes, budget travel can be achievable when carefully budgeting and selecting cost-efficient options are taken into consideration. Consider staying at budget accommodations while organizing cost-cutting activities.

Q: Where can I find affordable travel offers and discounts? A:

A: Use travel deal websites, subscribe to newsletters and follow airlines and travel agencies on social media in order to stay abreast of discounts and promotions available to them.

Q. Are scholarships and grants available to Nigerians looking to study or work overseas? A: Unfortunately not. However there may be grants or scholarships available as an incentive for studying or working overseas.

A: Nigerians looking to study or work overseas have access to various grants and scholarships from organizations and institutions offering such opportunities. Research should be carried out regarding any opportunities that exist.

Q: Could volunteering programs in Europe help me cut costs abroad? A: Absolutely – volunteering programs offer many financial advantages while at the same time opening doors of opportunity!

A: Absolutely. There are numerous volunteer programs that offer accommodation and board in exchange for your services, so do research reputable organizations that align with your interests.

Q: I need help raising funds for my trip via crowdfunding; what options exist to me? A:

A: Launch an impressive crowdfunding campaign through platforms like GoFundMe to share your goals, story and why this trip is important to you – then promote it via social media channels like Twitter or Facebook.

Q. How can I raise funds within my community to fund my trip? A:

A: Consider hosting events – such as fundraisers, bake sales and community workshops – that bring your community together behind your travel aspirations goals.

Q: Are there organizations or NGOs which sponsor cultural exchange programs for Nigerians? A: Yes.

A: Yes, some organizations and NGOs sponsor cultural exchange programs; do your research and find those which match up best with your goals.

Q: How can I utilize my skills or talents to generate funds for my trip?

A: Use your abilities or sell services and/or products that highlight them – such as freelance work, online tutoring or selling handmade items.

Q: Am I able to find travel companions so we can split expenses and make my journey more affordable? A: Sure – just consider finding travel partners as sharing expenses will only make your adventure cheaper and your overall costs may decrease dramatically!

A: Joining travel forums and online communities may help you meet like-minded travelers willing to share travel experiences and expenses with one another.

Q. Are there government programs assisting Nigerians who wish to work or study overseas? A: Yes. There are government-supported opportunities available for Nigerians that wish to travel.

A: Many governments offer exchange programs. For more information about such offerings in your own country, contact its educational or foreign affairs department for details on such opportunities.

Q. How can I negotiate better prices for accommodation and transportation services? A:

A: Do your research, compare prices and book in advance – including direct negotiations with accommodation providers as well as travel reward programs if applicable.

Q: Should I take any safety precautions when crowdfunding to fund my trip? A: Yes. When using crowdfunding as a method for funding travel expenses it is wise to follow some precautionary measures and avoid scammers as much as possible.

A: Be open about your goals and use reliable crowdfunding platforms when setting them. Clearly communicate how the funds will be spent so as to avoid miscommunication or any misunderstandings among your supporters.

Q: Where can I find remote work opportunities that allow me to continue earning while traveling? A: Yes. There are various remote employment options that enable travelers like yourself to continue earning while earning.

A: Absolutely – you should investigate remote work opportunities within your field or freelance projects while travelling as they can provide an income source while living abroad.

Q: How can I minimize travel expenses without jeopardizing my experience? A:

A: Choose budget accommodations, cook for yourself at home and use public transit; research free or low-cost activities in your destination area.

Q: Are there online courses or certifications I can take to expand my skills for better job opportunities overseas? A: Absolutely – there are courses and certificates designed specifically to give foreign nationals access to greater job opportunities abroad.

A: Yes, numerous online platforms provide courses and certifications designed to increase your odds of finding well-paying opportunities abroad.

Question: How can I manage my finances effectively while traveling, in order to prevent overspending? Answer:

A: Establish and follow a daily budget, track expenses with financial apps and avoid unnecessary purchases to manage your finances effectively.

Question: Am I eligible to explore work-study programs to cover my educational costs abroad? A: Yes. Work study programs could offer an excellent option when covering educational costs abroad.

A: Yes, many countries provide work-study opportunities to international students studying in universities abroad. When searching for such universities it is a good idea to research what programs may exist therein.

Question: Where can I locate affordable healthcare options while traveling overseas?

A: Research travel medical coverage options that best match your budget and needs. Find plans that offer optimal protection.

Question: Am I eligible to negotiate lower application or other travel-related document fees? A: No, unfortunately not at this time.

A: Visa fees tend to be set, while you could negotiate fees for other documents based on research and inquiry. Explore and choose what best meets your needs!

Q: How can I remain motivated when faced with financial constraints to save for my trip? A:

A: Set clear goals, create a vision board, and celebrate small milestones to meet travel aspirations goals. Surround yourself with positive influences who support these endeavors for optimal travel results.

Q: To save money on travel costs, are there alternative means of transportation that I could consider in order to find cheaper solutions? A: Yes. You could explore alternate forms of transport.

A: Budget airlines, trains or buses could offer cheaper travel alternatives than expensive flights; be flexible when selecting travel dates to find cost-efficient solutions.

Q: How can I document my journey so as to share it with others and potentially earn income in doing so? A:

A: Document your experiences by creating a travel blog, vlog or social media account to document them. As your following grows, sponsorship or affiliate opportunities could arise for your travel account.

Q: How can I give back to my community while following my travel dreams?

A: Donating funds or volunteering time can add more meaning and depth to your travel story, not only contributing to a worthy cause but also enriching it with memories that last a lifetime.


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