Power Universe: Tommy Is A Far More Interesting Lead Than Tariq Or Kanan


 The Power universe continues to expand as each of its three spinoffs now boasts multiple seasons.

 However, Power Book IV: Force ultimately establishes which character serves as the franchise’s most fitting successor to Ghost. Power made its debut in 2014 and quickly became a massive phenomenon in the crime drama genre. 


 It quickly became the leading show for Starz, and Power Book II: Ghost achieved impressive opening week records for the network. However, the show didn’t receive much mainstream recognition despite its popularity and loyal audience. The series gained immense popularity, largely due to its captivating protagonist, James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick). 

Ghost was an excellent choice for the show’s protagonist, showcasing the shrewdness and determination needed to succeed as a prominent drug dealer in New York City. James St. Patrick, also known as Ghost, is widely recognised for his friendly demeanour and successful ownership of nightclubs and legitimate businesses.


 Although this is a facade, Ghost displays a genuine enthusiasm for both his lawful and unlawful enterprises, which brings an intriguing depth to his character. Despite his imperfections, it’s difficult to envision any of the Power TV shows without Ghost. 

Since his departure, the franchise has faced challenges in finding a suitable replacement. However, the highly praised spinoff Power Book IV: Force introduces an ideal candidate.

 Tommy Egan, portrayed by Joseph Sikora, takes on the role of the main character in Power Book IV: Force. This marks a significant opportunity for him to step into the spotlight as a protagonist within the Power universe. 

 Tommy made his debut in Power season 1 and served as Ghost’s loyal companion for a significant portion of the series. Given their shared history and Tommy’s enduring presence in the franchise, he was positioned as an ideal candidate to take over Ghost’s role.

 Despite occasional conflicts and even a period of enmity, their bond was akin to that of brothers. Tommy was deeply affected by Ghost’s death, more so than anyone else. 

 Tommy has already gained a strong following and stands out as one of the most captivating characters in the series. His spinoff show demonstrates his ability to step up and lead, making him a worthy successor to Ghost. 

Tommy’s charisma and resourcefulness make him a strong candidate for leading not only his own show but the franchise as well. Despite occasional bursts of temper, Tommy’s extensive experience collaborating with Ghost demonstrates his ability to effectively utilise interpersonal relationships and outmanoeuvre adversaries. 

 Relocating to Chicago has given Tommy the opportunity to forge his own path, separate from Ghost’s legacy. This has resulted in a captivating storyline that rivals the intensity of the series since Ghost’s passing. 

 It is worth noting that the spinoff has received a highly positive critical reception, as evidenced by its Rotten Tomatoes score. Fans are eagerly awaiting the yet-unconfirmed renewal of Power Book IV: Force season 3.

 Tommy is a captivating lead compared to Tariq or Kanan. Power’s other spinoffs centre around Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) and Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson), however, Tommy continues to be a captivating protagonist compared to both. Kanan’s performance on Power was captivating, as he portrayed one of the show’s primary antagonists. 

 The character’s development was impressive, however, his demise limits the spinoff to only exploring Kanan’s backstory, leaving no room for further expansion in the franchise. Tariq’s character in the original show was quite polarising, which made the decision to create a spinoff centred around him quite risky. 

 Although Tariq is the son of the protagonist, his lack of experience and unappealing qualities have resulted in Power Book II: Ghost being regarded as the least favourable show in the series. 

Tommy from Power Book IV: Force emerges as a highly qualified candidate to take over Ghost’s position. He possesses a rich history with Ghost, much like Kanan and Tariq, and also possesses the essential qualities required to lead the franchise. 

 Tommy’s character has a lot more story to tell compared to Kanan, and he has the potential to carry the series into the future. While Tariq’s decisions may sometimes lack maturity and thoughtfulness, Tommy’s expertise in the game makes him a superior dealer and criminal. 

 Tariq may indeed be the natural successor to his father, but Tommy demonstrates the qualities necessary to step into Ghost’s shoes and become the new face of the Power franchise.



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