Power Book IV: Episode 6 recap and Ranking Power Book 4 Players performance


The fallout from Walter Flynn’s death in season two, episode five of Power Book IV: Force, will have an impact on everyone in the programme, and episode six, “Here Be The Monsters,” made that obvious. 

To begin, Vic contacts Tommy Egan in order to strike a contract with him and work for CBI on a 60/40 split. 


Vic is continuing collaborating with the feds to bring Tommy and Claudia down. Vic appears to be torn between working for Tommy and CBI and turning Tommy over to the cops, but at the end of the episode, he has made his decision plain as he focuses on Gloria’s death in season one.CBI will also undergo significant modifications. Jenard and Diamond are on friendly terms again after their father’s death, with Diamond allowing Jenard to return to CBI. 

Jenard’s comeback is contingent on him cleaning himself up and staying off drugs so that he does not keep the group down. So far, Jenard has complied with that condition, and we see Tommy welcome him back into the group with wide arms and a warning that if he makes a mistake, he will be tossed out (and worse).

 That mistake could come sooner rather than later, as Tommy’s love interest Shanti wants to take advantage of the situation. Diamond was able to repay Miguel but not the Serbs’ leader Markovich thanks to Jenard’s reappearance. Tommy tried to persuade Markovich, but the Serb leader not only rejected, but also declared war on CBI by targeting the Crimson projects, which they’ve been attempting to seize for quite some time.


We also have information on the new relationships that are forming this season. Diamond is still training Leon as a boxer, and his feelings for Gianna are rising by the minute.

 However, Leon’s father, who is verbally and maybe physically violent, objects to Diamond’s presence in their home. Tommy and Mireya’s relationship reached a snag when Mireya became concerned about Tommy’s safety after her brother Miguel attacked her boyfriend. Fortunately for Tommy, he is able to reassure her that he can handle himself and that her concerns are not grounds for terminating their relationship.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s look at the top five Power Players from the “Here Be The Monsters” episode.

Shanti (5)

Prior to this week’s show, Shanti appeared to exclusively have a relationship with Jenard, as we hadn’t seen her interact with Diamond, Tommy, or other members of the main cast. She clearly supports Jenard as a friend and love partner, and we also know that she regards Tommy and Diamond as enemies in the Chicago drug game, due to this week’s episode.

In “Here Be The Monsters,” Shanti strikes a deal with Diamond in which she agrees to give up territory and work with CBI in exchange for Jenard’s return to CBI. Diamond agrees, and Tommy agrees after some coaxing. 

What the two don’t realise is that Shanti’s offer is all part of a ruse to put Jenard in a position to take over CBI and finally get rid of Tommy. We’ll have to wait and see if her plan works, but the fact that she was able to convince Diamond to accept and Jenard to clean up his act so he could accept his CBI post proves that her authority is not insignificant.


Mireya continues to progress in her newfound romance with Tommy, and while that’s a triumph for her, it’s matters outside of it that prove to be significant this week. After seeing Kendall, Mireya’s coworker and past love interest, grasp Mireya’s arm at work, Miguel and an associate attack him at his home in episode five. When Mireya learns about the attack this week, she is able to deduce that Miguel is the perpetrator and confronts him. 

Miguel, a diabetic, is in desperate need of insulin at this time, and Mireya refuses to give him his shot in vengeance for what he did to Kendall. He lashes out, claiming that her nursing career is inferior to the family’s drug business, which reduces his chances of receiving the insulin shot he requires.

In a subsequent scene, we learn that Mireya attempted to distance herself from Tommy following Kendall’s attack, fearing that the same thing might happen to Tommy if Miguel discovered they were dating. 

Tommy, who appreciates her compassion, tells her that he is a grown man who can handle her problems. She appears to accept this when she returns to his flat for another, more personal night together near the end of the episode. 

Mireya is battling for what she wants and what she believes in. She’ll continue her nursing work and her romance with Tommy because both make her happy, and for someone outside of the drug world, that’s all that matters.Jenard


Jenard struggled through the first five episodes of season two of Power Book IV: Force. He went through a difficult split in CBI that left him on his alone to command a team, which he was not prepared for. Debts to connections led to his being attacked and having his belongings stolen. 

He eventually found himself using heroin and rapidly becoming hooked to it. Jenard miraculously recovered from all of this and found himself back in CBI in this episode. It comes after Diamond extended an olive branch following the death of their father in last week’s episode. Jenard leaped at the chance to appear to be in the good graces of former foes when Diamond and Tommy gave him a clean slate in CBI. 

We’ll have to wait and watch how it plays out, especially with Shanti in his ear, urging him to take over CBI and get rid of Tommy. Though that would be an extremely risky and dangerous step, we can rejoice at Jenard’s healing and ascension in the interim.

2. Tommy

The show this week didn’t spend much time on Tommy in his CBI world, but we do see him make some good moves in and out of it. He agrees to collaborate with Vic in a new venture that appears to benefit both parties… for the time being. 

Vic’s collaboration with Tommy came only after he pledged to assist the feds in bringing Tommy down, although even Vic doesn’t appear eager to do so. So there’s a high chance this will be a fruitful collaboration, but like everything else here, we’ll have to wait and see.

Tommy is also able to persuade Mireya to set aside her concerns about his safety because he is capable of looking after himself. He later admits to perhaps loving Mireya during a trippy time in the show when Holly from the original Power reappears as a ghost to remind Tommy of the ladies in his past who perished merely because they were in his presence. 

Even if the association is correct, it is insufficient to keep Tommy away from Mireya. Outside of that, Tommy avoids problems, a shootout with the Serbs, and puts his differences with Jenard aside to accept his apology and welcome him back to CBI.


reclaims first place after producing one of the season’s most admirable performances. Diamond has been teaching Leon, a young child from the neighbourhood, how to defend himself through boxing sessions at this point in the season. 

In episode six, however, we find that one of Leon’s biggest bullies is his own father. Diamond stops by Leon’s house after a boxing lesson for a glass of lemonade with Leon

and his mother Gianna when Leon’s father returns home enraged to see Diamond at his house.

Diamond decides to take matters into his own hands after learning that Leon’s father is fairly cruel to his son. He confronts Leon’s father at the repair shop where he works, chokes him, and threatens to murder him if he does not leave Leon and Gianna alone.

Elsewhere, Diamond discovers Jenard has been using heroin, and instead of chastising him, Diamond convinces him to clean up so he can rejoin CBI. Diamond then persuades Tommy to let him rejoin the group thanks to a bargain he struck with Shanti. 

From beginning to end, Diamond demonstrates a great amount of altruism and a willingness to aid people even when they have mistreated him, which is admirable in the drug game, especially given that others would probably not do the same.

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