Check out the new cast in Cobra Kai Season 6


 As season 6 of Cobra Kai comes to a close, there is talk of a potential prequel spinoff with the introduction of Master Kim Sun-Yung.  


 Master Kim, a character briefly mentioned in the original The Karate Kid franchise and shown in flashbacks in Cobra Kai, will be joining the cast of Cobra Kai season 6, portrayed by actor C.S. Lee.  

 It is widely believed that Master Kim is no longer alive, but considering his significant impact on both John Kreese and Terry Silver, it is anticipated that he will make appearances in future flashbacks. These flashbacks would provide further insight into how Kreese and Silver developed into the formidable individuals they are today. 


Cobra Kai has been widely praised for its ability to successfully bring new material to the forefront while staying true to its roots, making it stand out among the many reboots and continuations of popular franchises from decades past.   

Given the success of Cobra Kai as a worthy continuation of The Karate Kid, it is reasonable to consider the possibility of a prequel achieving the same level of excellence.   Considering this recent casting news, it seems that Cobra Kai might be setting the stage for its inaugural spinoff. 

Master Kim’s Prequel Story would be a strong contender for a Cobra Kai spinoff following Season 6. 

It would be interesting to explore his backstory, including how Cobra Kai was formed and other related details. 

Master Kim’s legacy can be traced back to the very beginning of the Karate Kid franchise. In the first movie, there is a photo of the character (played by Jun Chong) displayed in Kreese’s Cobra Kai dojo.  

Following discussions between Kreese and Silver in the original trilogy, he was given a more prominent role in their backstories.   It is evident that Master Kim had a significant influence on these young men as they were initially quite impressionable and eager to learn karate.   Prior to that, their previous commander George Turner received training from Kim, which may have influenced his harsh teaching methods when instructing Kreese about the concept of “No Mercy” during the Vietnam War, ultimately resulting in his demise. 

I find it quite intriguing how Kim’s influence on Kreese and Silver has shaped them into the hardened individuals we see in The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai. It would be interesting to explore the story behind Kim’s transformation, the knowledge he acquired, and the methods he employed to mould his followers.   

Furthermore, it is worth considering a potential connection to Mr. Miyagi, whose teachings fundamentally contradict the principles taught at the Cobra Kai dojo.   Exploring the backstory of fan-favorite Mr. Miyagi could add an intriguing subplot to the story.   Adding Sun-Yung to the cast of Cobra Kai season 6 is exciting news. However, one idea to consider for keeping The Karate Kid story fresh after Cobra Kai is to explore a prequel. 

How Cobra Kai Season 6 Can Be Set Up   The Master Kim Prequel Show 

It would be quite convenient for Cobra Kai to develop a storyline focused on Master Kim.   Kim Da-Eun joined the show in season 5, taking on the role of Terry Silver’s second-in-command.  

 Although the latter was defeated, Kim remains present and has the potential to take control of Cobra Kai.  Given her strong desire to uphold her family’s reputation and promote his teachings, it is to be expected that Master Kim will have a significant influence on Cobra Kai season 6.   This would in turn generate further inquiries about him and generate intrigue in his story, particularly if the series chooses to establish a hidden connection with Mr. Miyagi in some way. 


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